Personal Protective Equipment for Central Coast

Personal Protective Equipment for Central Coast (PPE4CC) is a movement by people in healthcare and in our communities on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Started by Idea Fab Labs Santa Cruz and Catherine S. Forest, MD,MPH with the encouragement of Encompass Community Services and Santa Cruz & Monterey County Medical Societies, we began to address the emerging shortage of PPE in the non-profit working world of Encompass Community Services workers when the avalanche of requests for help from other workers (residential care, janitors, bus drivers, grocery checkers, medical assistants) and the news from essential shortages from other states led us to try to get ahead of the curve.

Our philosophy is #SaferInPlace yet some people must work out in the community in order for society to function - We need to protect them!

If someone's work requires contact with another person within < 6 ft for greater than 15 minutes of client/patient contact, they should be wearing NIOSH approved PPE, if available. However, as supplies are drying up globally, we seek to innovate and utilize reusable, local materials and crafters to provide best available protection in the context of the global pandemic in the service of our community and in collaboration - radical interdependence.

The shortages are PRESSING:

We are in desperate need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in order to ensure the safety of both healthcare workers and those whose work necessitates them to be out of shelter in the Central Coast area.

We seek to do these key things:

  1. Advocate for more PPE production (#getusppe).
  2. Send, receive, and coordinate donations for PPE among the community and medical professionals.
  3. Coordinate with government, non-profits, others for most effective use of resources. Prioritize NIOSH approved N95 and surgical masks for high risk occupations, integrate alternatives (eg. locally manufactured cloth masks with face shields only if shortages mandate innovation).
  4. Unite the maker community to validate designs that can be easily and rapidly fabricated at local manufacturing facilities and produced within the community.
  5. Contribute to the fund of knowledge locally and nationally.

What we need:

  • Masks: surgical, N95, face shields.
  • Other PPE: gowns, gloves, drapes.
  • Money to produce more PPE.

Our emphasis is on reuseable and cleanable masks (our website talks about how) and direct contact between donors and recipients. We seek to be collaborative and contribute to radical interdependence as we face the COVID 19 pandemic together.


All donations will be used to pay for materials and assembly of all PPE needs.

How you can help:

Are you able to SUPPORT our efforts with money? Use this GOFUNDME to donate money now.

Encompass GOFUNDME

If you have PPE to donate please let us know the type and quantity and we will match the donation to a local Health Care provider in need.


Please use this form to submit a request for PPE for your facility.


Are you a maker? Can you sew? Can you fabricate?


Can you help us distribute PPE from donors and makers to health care providers on the front lines?


4M Mask Design - DIY Instructions

Idea Fab Labs has designed the "Mass Movement for Making Masks" do-it-yourself construction kit for a 4 layer cotton mask with filter insert pocket to be worn during essential outings and contact with other persons.

4M Mask Page

Specific Thank You's

Thank you to Sara Mayeno, David Culler, Pete Johnson, Jonna Paiss, Eileen Mov, Chris Maddox, Jacob Lang, Anne Buike, and Dana Peters.